The Sirens: Glorious Finale [Season 3, Episode 15]

The Sirens believe they’ve got the Cassalanter family and the Emerald Cabal all figured out right? Let’s just say there is a reason a cross-continental fantasy corporation that sells immortality elixirs stay in business: Insurance!

Find out how the Sirens graduate to the next tier of play and get their bums whipped in this climax for Season 3. Video first, spoilers after, and a neat guide on the predatory Behir!

The Out-Of-Game Recap:

Very quickly into the final episode the boss battle is revealed—an angry wife general in red leather armor, who knows when to call in bigger help. In this case, she flips some switches and brings in your friendly neighborhood Behir. Mistaken as a wingless Blue Dragon by adventurers who are blind and suffering from delirium (really, who mistakes a 10-legged cave dwelling amphibian for a dragon?!) these monstrosities are native to the Faerun kingdom of Halruaa where they are bred as pets and guardians.

Their native resting place might provide an actual clue for the true location of the Emerald Cabal in Halruaa. A secretive and reclusive kingdom brimming with magical power and known for experimentation and rampant wizardry? Sounds like a perfect spot for a corporate conglomerate to me. Conspiracy’s aside, the Behir can get large… easily weighing over 4,000 pounds and they can run up walls, slither on the ground like a snake, and feature above-average intelligence for creatures of their type. Like true predators, they stalk their prey before devouring it and slink back into their hidden lair to take a nice long nap.

In order to add to their creepy factor, the designers gave them a disposition that hates dragons, and the ability to speak Common. Basically turning this 4,000 pound multi-legged creature into a talking dragon egg thief that played the long game against dragons since they eternally grow in size.

Yup. That’s right. They don’t stop growing. They just… continue growing more arms and legs as they get older, and older, and older. In the end it is still a predator out for food. When using a Behir in combat, their multi-attack is mathematically a better choice, as opposed to Lightning Breath. This is because multi-attack has a higher chance of hitting, thus potentially resulting in more damage dealt. Once the Behir has used its constrict and bite combination—it can swallow its food whole and then take a dash action to run away. Which makes it a wonderful villain to use if you want to invoke horror on your table with a monster that will stalk, eat a party member, and then vanish.

It may return. It may not. Really… we all know that it’s just sleeping off in a cave enjoying a nice long digestion period.

Who’s a good boy? He’s the best boy… just needs a few pet pets.

Who’s a good boy? He’s the best boy… just needs a few pet pets.

The Story Thus Far:

The Emerald Cabal was smart enough to not put the machines that are central to their business enterprise in Lord Cassalanters estate. Even though the party has spent a few episodes building up information about the machines they intend to break-down, the rug is pulled out from them as they kick open the door and find…

A giant portal.

It turns out that the nobles of Waterdeep were simply one supply network to a larger hub. After the Emerald Cabal lost their Chultean supply network… they decided to diversify their assets. The portal served as a magical Amazon warehouse that the monsters would be fed into. The party takes the risk, grabs the chains and moves through to a central command chamber. Highly paid and skilled (okay, not really, they are warehouse worker) Emerald Cabal employees spot the Sirens because they are very noticeable: one of them is a T-Rex.

Prepped and ready for a fight, the massive battle begins. The Sirens fight against larger numbers but enjoy combat advantages thanks to a few polymorphed shapes and stand toe-to-toe with a massive Behir. Meanwhile Brig spots the woman in charge, and notices she is wearing armor remarkably similar to the previous woman dressed in red leather. She runs the show and helps direct the flow of combat as Brig tries to get information out of her. She reveals that she knows who he is and that the last woman the Sirens killed... was her wife. Lighting explosions, death saving throws, multi-attacks, critical strikes and more! The final battle is a spot where Satine lays down all the cards and holds players to their actions… even Orisha makes it two death-saving throws into rounds before the dice turned in her favor.

Despite them being in a central command facility filled with portals and monsters from various locations, the Sirens can’t see any machine or anything that grinds things up to produce the elixir. Right as the Behir and the red-leather general fall, another emergency evacuation portal opens up. Exploding into a cloud of red mist, the general’s soul seems to be sucked into the portal… and Girasol is drawn in with her.

Without hesitation, and not knowing how to turn back… the party takes one last look at each other and dives into the uncertain future by following their friend.

The quest for immortality continues in season 4!

Have the Sirens been betrayed? Will the Emerald Cabal finally get the upper hand they deserve?