The Sirens: Mayhem [Season 3, Episode 12]

Dungeons & Dragons within Dungeons & Dragons. In Episode 12 the Sirens go full meta with a no-consequence holiday episode for the players to celebrate the coming end of Season 3. Besides, any proper party of bards would get down with a final celebration of drinking before their impending demise.

Their work is not yet finished on repairing the Yawning Portal and the battle against the Emerald Cabal looms on the horizon, so it’s a good time to relieve tension and let friends bond both in, and out of the game. It’s worth the watch just to ponder what happens when your D&D Characters discover an in-game D&D Campaign being run. Plus after the jump, we cover a few D&D themed cocktails instead of any serious storytelling advice.

The Out-Of-Game recap:

All these glorious onesie pajama’s and not one shark among them. Alas.

Right, let’s get to the booze. Not in any way to advocate drinking and gaming at the same time—let’s be real and just admit that it happens. If you are going to get your holiday celebration on at the table, do it in character as well as out. Googling Geek Drinks or hunting for D&D Themed cocktails is a good way to start. Fetching the ingredients can run up a pretty hefty tab at the grocery store when every player wants a completely unique drink.

So as the storyteller you are going to have to put your foot down and stick to a cohesive theme.

Mead, in-and-by itself is a good simple choice. Hit up enough RenFaires and you’ll find enough pointed horns that you can drink out while cheering about Pirates and Ale. Getting the kind with Mullen Spice and actually heating it up before adding a dash of cinnamon to it takes the drink to the next level. occasionally features a Campaigns & Cocktails that never fails to disappoint. Their drink The Goodberry Mule: A Druid’s Drink, works plenty well.

  • Muddle 2 blackberries and 2 slices of cucumber

  • 1 oz. spicy honey-ginger syrup

  • 1 oz. fresh lime juice.

  • 2 oz. whiskey (or other spirit)

  • Shake with ice.

  • Double strain into ice filled glass.

  • Top with club soda.

  • Garnish with 2 blackberries and a slice of cucumber.

  • Eat the other slice of cucumber.

The third and final cocktail that I’ve actually made is one of my absolute favorites. It’s called the Divine Smite and I found it over on Tumblr under the Noblecrumpt-Dorkvision sector of the internet. There you’ll find an entire host of cocktails by class, but the hands down winner is the glorious champion made with Apple Cider.

  • 1/2 c. Apple Cider

  • 1/2 tbsp Maple Syrup

  • 1 oz Whiskey

  • Fresh Rosemary

  • 2 Dried Rosemary Sprigs.

You burn some dried rosemary and place the glass upside-down over it to let the smoke coat the inside of the glass. Shake fresh rosemary, cider, maple syrup, and whiskey—eventually straining into the smoked low-ball glass. The blog recommends a martini glass, but I’ve found the low-ball to be better for the smoking aspect of this recipe. If you’ve got any D&D themed beverages in your bag of holding, can you leave a comment below and let us know? We are always interested in experimentation!

Sometimes, I feel bad for the characters that don’t eat in D&D…

Sometimes, I feel bad for the characters that don’t eat in D&D…

The Story Thus Far:

Despite what the glorious outfits would have you suggest, there is a story in this episode! It’s just… a bit… in left field. Everyone is working on sorting the Yawning Portal (except Ghost who is asleep in the chair) and when everyone realizes this; they unanimously vote to have Ghost finish all of the work so they can start drinking. Xaris comes up with an alcoholic slushie. Brig invents Hobgoblin Blood (Bourbon & Whiskey & Vodka). Orishia creates a giant glass blown boot filled with mead and grenadine and is probably the tastiest thing at the party. Girasol adds the Lava Drop, a buttery-scotch hot drink with fireball ye old whisky in a wooden mug that only fire resistant people can drink. Lastly, Fey Lore brings a drink called Elodine’s Tears which is made from all the sugar that goes into all drinks… mixed into one drink.

Make a Constitution saving throw.

While everyone is celebrating, including people who the party has met and invited, Brig hears and learns of a mysterious game called Dungeon Mayhem. While trying to learn more about it however, Fey-Lore, who is moving at the speed of 10,000 rabid squirrels, steals the show and all conversation (if you watch the video at enhanced playback speed, it becomes even more hilarious). Eventually Ghost makes her way around the tavern and uses enough suggestion to convince people to talk to Fey for a few hours and buy them much needed personal space.

One drink and event leads to another, and Brig, Xaris, and Orisha are finally able to sit down and try this Dungeon Mayhem while Simon is smitten by lovely ladies. Simon explains the rules as they shuffle cards and the gambling shenanigans begin. This is when Ghost (being the responsible adult) begins cleaning out the back of the Tavern, and finds a table filled with little miniature characters all color coded and matching her friends.

Ghost has found Dungeons & Dragons, inside Dungeons & Dragons. The campaign shifts as the characters find themselves waking in a land of purple fog… each with their own unique story as told by the back room of the Yawning Portal. From Thistle, Ghost’s Spirit Dragon, to a saucy nightclub for Vlahnya, each character has a spot at the table that leads them to all the imaginary rewards their characters wish they had. From death, to gold, to barmaids, and more.

Pretty sneaky way for Satine to figure out what each character really wants…

Have the Sirens been betrayed? Will the Emerald Cabal finally get the upper hand they deserve?