The Sirens: Diving Into Sludge [Season 3, Episode 2]

If you destroyed the Yawning Portal, having friends in high places helps you get off easy. The Sirens and their friends trashed the legendary tavern, smashing it to smithereens, and grew an entire beanstalk inside (at least that is what the Emerald Conclave will have you believe). Now, brick-by-brick the party of bards have to engage in the oh-so-back-breaking joy of community service to rebuild the tavern. This, at least, is preferable to being executed. Will the Sirens and friends be able to shake off the public perception?

Video first. Spoilers After.

The Out-Of-Game recap:

The Sirens is a weekly show hosted and storytold (is that the right word? It is now) by Satine Phoenix. Set in the Forgotten Realms, a rotating cast of Bards find themselves pulled into a complex web of intrigue against the Emerald Cabal. Currently, the party is in Waterdeep doing community service at the Yawning Portal, and research at the Bardic college of New Olamn. Before we dive into the characters and the story thus far, let’s give some backdrop to the setting for new comers.

Waterdeep is located in the Sword Coast of Faerun, a place where most of the campaign content is often set in the Forgotten Realms. As a main city in the Realms, Waterdeep is often called The City of Splendors, and is ruled by various merchants and Lords who hide their identities behind magical masks. Their influence and reach is vast, and is arguably seen as the most important on the continent. A setting in Waterdeep often a hints at a campaign rife with rumor, and politics. Given the rumor (and public incarceration) of the Sirens from a few well-placed lies, this season is right on track.

The Yawning Portal however, was a legendary inn and tavern located on Rainrun Street in Waterdeep’s Castle Ward. A typical stone building with a slate roof and a few upper floors of guest rooms, nothing about the Yawning Portal appears strikingly abnormal. Except that the inn houses two wells that can be used as portals into the Undermountain. For a long hundred foot descent into a dungeon, adventurers from all over the world come to the Yawning Portal and pay 1 GP per head just to access one of these wells. All to face the kind of peril that might inspire a fair bit of gambling above from those betting on the dungeon-delvers’ success.

Lastly, the Olamn College is where Vlahnya (the former Sirens band manager) is located, even though the office was recently burgled. The College of Olamn was once one of the seven elder bardic colleges. Historic, important, and full of drama teachers who are equally fantastic, or as terrifying, and snobby as they need to be. The college looms over the ocean in the Castle Ward as an example of Waterdeep’s pride. Found within its halls are bards learning every trade. From the College of Swords, to diving through historic libraries for odd-bits of forgotten lore. Whatever your style, regardless your talent, or preference, there is a place for you within the halls of Olamn College.

The Rook and the Raven

The Rook and the Raven

The Story Thus Far:

Last episode, the party had discovered that the College of Olamn had been broken into. Amidst the trashed trophies, and general destruction caused—their former band manager Vlahyna’s office was completely tossed over. During their investigation, Ghost (played by Vivid Vivka), strolled in like it was another day, screamed, and vanished into a poof of smoke. Leaving behind a wooden mask and her bag of holding which Brig now carries; partially because he believes that the wooden mask is Ghost.

Inside this office, they find a secret room that leads to some sort of conspiracy pin board. Vlahyna had been tracking the Emerald Cabal’s beauty pyramid scheme across the realms. I, a firm believer in the Emerald Conclave’s legitimate business of grinding exotic magical creatures into immortality potions, think the Sirens got off too easy. Yet on this pin board, the nobles and lords of Waterdeep are connected to the Emerald Cabal, which hints at a far more complex conspiracy. With the new inclusion of Fey Lore (who is totally a human) into the group, it’s no wonder that the Sirens are out to stop the Emerald Cabal.

All of them are very long-lived magical races. Not everyone can be as immortal as an elf.

Regardless of motive, the party returned to work at rebuilding the Yawning Portal. Monsters from the Undermountain (like Hook Horrors!) crawled out in an attempt to escape in the midst of their repair.

Another day at the office.

Everyone returned home and settled in for night… except for one person. From there, new and old friends adventure together in the hopes of further unravelling the conspiracy and who is behind their public slander. All while bonding with new band members, diving into sludge, and listening to water officially make wobbly sounds.

Will The Sirens make it through Season 3? Will The Emerald Cabal get the justice they deserve? Let us know what you think!