The Sirens: Friendly Fire [Season 3, Episode 3]

If you destroyed the Yawning Portal, having friends in high places helps you get off easy. The Sirens and their friends trashed the legendary tavern and grew an entire beanstalk inside, smashing it to smithereens (at least that is what the Emerald Cabal will have you believe). Now, brick-by-brick the party of bards has to engage in the oh-so-back-breaking joy of community service to rebuild the tavern. This, at least, is preferable to being executed. With a conspiracy afoot, the Sirens have begun to tug on the threads that the Emerald Cabal have woven deeper within Waterdeep, all the while hoping to clear their name.

Video first. Spoilers After.

The Out-Of-Game recap:

The Sirens continue their community service for Waterdeep and the Yawning Portal, while trying to uncover mysteries about the clues left behind in Vlahnya’s office. In our third episode, they dive down into the sewers in order to assist new friends capturing monsters for the Xanathar’s Guild. Headlining his own title, Xanathar’s Guide To Everything, the Xanathar’s Thieves guild is a major player in Faerun, and in Waterdeep. Let’s dive into some background information.

Beholders are an interesting creature. Floating eye-tyrants with their cyclops eye surrounded by countless beady little eyeballs, ever judging the lesser creatures around them—which is everyone. Famously xenophobic and Machiavellian, each of these creatures believe themselves to be the pinnacle of creation. Xanathar is no different. The Xanathar Guild is a vast network of slavers that operate out of Skullport, and serve every whim of Xanathar. Kidnapping monsters, and selling them to people (like the Emerald Cabal to grind up into beauty potions), is their business model.

Xanathar, however, is just a name. Over history, there have been many beholders that have taken the name Xanathar, and assumed the role. One most notable example was “The Eye”, who killed the original Xanathar, took all of his possessions, and then his role. Over the years The Eye expanded Xanathar’s guild to nearly epic proportions that, in a twist of fate, reduced other criminal organizations by proxy. The Eye met his demise at some point, and new beholders one-by-one, each took over the role as guild boss, creating set standard of “promotion by assassination.”

This guild, their newfound connection to the Sirens, the Emerald Cabal, and the Lords of Waterdeep are bound to appear more. But for now, everyone has a quick history on this organization!

Xanathar’s Guide To Everything

Xanathar’s Guide To Everything

The Story Thus Far:

Having previously discovered the (now labeled) “conspiracy room”, the party continues to rebuild the Yawning Portal, and look into the connected threads Vlahnya has uncovered. With too much information contained in the room (and a Resident Evil-esque entryway every time they want in), the Sirens’s attempts to understand its contents within— are for naught. It’s as if some critical cipher needed to decode the contents is missing, a puzzle piece that has not yet been revealed. Luckily, they find back-scratchers instead.

Hired by the Xanthar’s Guild to recover a few escaped monsters, the party descends into the sewers of Waterdeep. If they can perform this task, at least they’ll have one less debt on their shoulders. Unfortunately for them, friendly spell-fire between party members (and Satine rolling ace saving throws) means that things don’t go…exactly as planned. Every creature is returned to the shipment late, and causes a snowball effect on the Xanthar operation.

This delay makes for a not-too-happy Xanathar’s Guild boss, who demands a meeting with the party. Exactly which boss they meet, and what information they learn? Well, that is best viewed…

Will The Sirens make it through Season 3? Will The Emerald Cabal get the justice they deserve? Let us know what you think!