It takes a village to create content that shines through the chaos. Here is our wonderful growing group!

Owner & Founder  Satine Phoenix

Owner & Founder
Satine Phoenix

Community Manager of Dungeons and Dragons, Dungeon Master of Sirens of the Realms. Host of Dungeon Master’s Guide & GM tips Season 2. Co Author & Creator of New Praetorians graphic novel series & The Action Heroine’s Journey (non fiction). Founder of Artist, author, entertainer. Storyteller.

Twitter & Instagram: @satinephoenix

Gilding Light Author  Rick Heinz

Gilding Light Author
Rick Heinz

Rick Heinz is the author of The Seventh Age series, Storyteller, Master of Electricity, Dad, Tesla Fanboy and recovering Diablo 2 addict. Check out his Storytelling and GMTips articles over at Geek & Sundry!

Facebook & Twitter:

Sound Engineer  Ben Grafton

Sound Engineer
Ben Grafton

Professional musician/audio engineer operating within Los Angeles, CA. Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Classical Guitar Performance.

Ben has worked on various video games, anime shows, live broadcasts, and music albums as both an audio engineer and editor.

As a musician, he collaborates with other artists to perform at local venues.

Editor-in-Chief & Sirens Author

Editor-in-Chief & Sirens Author

“Wizard from OZ”
Author, Artist, writer, storyteller. East Asian & Mesopotamian cultural anthropology researcher, polyglot and world travelling consumer of literature.


Live Switcher  Andree Barrett

Live Switcher
Andree Barrett

Grew up in Mexico city, where he spent early years in TV studios, Sets and his dad’s music company. After moving to LA Andree spent 3 years training in technical direction and general production at 2 major Latino TV Stations. The last 2 years he spent honing his craft with live stream production.

Twitter: @BarrettAndree 

Satine’s Personal Assistant & Producer

Satine’s Personal Assistant & Producer

Kailey Bray is an actor and writer, best known for Damsels, Dice, and Everything Nice. The Real Hunted of Los Angeles (2016), and E Pluribus Unum (2015).

Twitter & Instagram: @HapaBarbarian & @kaileymcbray

Film & Photography Leo Kei Angelos

Film & Photography
Leo Kei Angelos

A Vietnamese-born film director, stuntman, and world traveler. He was a finalist on Season 4 of HBO's Project Greenlight. He produced and directed viral videos such as Auror's Tale, Epic Chick Fight (starring Jessie Graff), and First Impressions (a Wonder Woman fan film starring Doug Jones and ‪Chester See‬).

He loves all things geekery and gaming.

Twitter, Instagram & Youtube: @leokeiangelos


We believe in collaboration and art creation. All of our crew are freelancers. Should you want to hire them for your production please contact them through their social media links.

We become better people when we support the creativity in each other.