Gilding Light LLC was formed with the idea of Kintsukuroi: Japanese pottery that is made more beautiful having been broken and repaired with gold. 

Our Mission

Gilding Light is a production company that focuses on content that encourages people from all ages and walks of life, around the globe, to come together and create epic collaborative stories. We showcase how friends with different backgrounds and lifestyles can communicate and work together to accomplish goals making positive healing memories.

Light, Healing, Hero/Heroine, Inner Strength, Cooperation, Ally, Team Work, Collaboration, No Judgement, Acceptance, Communication, Encouragement, "Yes And".

We are the heroes of our stories. We each have defeated our threshold guardians in order to level up to who we are today taking these experiences and learning from them: this is our IRL character builder. Rather than looking back with the weight of our past we look to the future with an understanding of what accomplishments we have made and walk into the light of what's to come with the strength we've forged.

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